Blueberry fox sculpture


  • A unique work of art.
  • Designed and made by hand in Puumala, Finland.
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Blueberry sculpture

Size: app. 16.5 x 11.5 x 13.5 cm

The sculpture is slipcasted. The template and mold of the sculpture are hand crafted. The sculpture is decorated with hand painting on a raw fired surface and then glazed with transparent glaze and fired in a high firing. The hand-painted decoration makes each fox a unique work of art. The slipcast and glaze are made in the studio according to the recipe.


Stoneware, pigment painting, glaze. Firing: 1240 C in an electric kiln.

The Fox Family sculpture series was selected for the U.S. international exhibition “The Personal Universal” in the spring of 2021. The fox sculptures can be seen in episode 4 of the Taste of Saimaa (makumatka Saimaalla) TV show.

The Bloch Ceramics certificate of authenticity comes with your purchase.